Insomnia Relief? Step Aside Melatonin…

Are you having a tough time concentrating and focusing on your tasks? Don’t worry; using CBD can help you get started!

The latest breakthrough in hemp-based supplementation has sleep doctors going crazy. This new insomnia relief breakthrough has been pushing melatonin to the side.

What is this new and exciting insomnia relief breakthrough you might ask? It's called Updrops

What are Updrops?

is a tried-and-tested powerful yet nearly side effect free formula unlike melatonin which will leave you feeling groggy along with pronounced undesirable mood changes.

Once you take it, Updrops can immediately start processing in your body resulting in relaxation and greatly speeding up your body's ability to initiate the first stages of sleep.

So, what is in Updrops?

Updrops contain what is commonly known as “broad spectrum” hemp extracts.

Broad spectrum hemp extracts are wonderful for those who want to experience all of the benefits without any of the psychoactive side effects of hemp based products. Its therapeutic effects can only take place when the wide variety of cannabinoids within hemp are working together to maximize the most therapeutic benefits, hence the name broad spectrum.

What exactly can broad spectrum do for me?

Not only can broad spectrum potentially initiate the first 2 stages of sleep, but it can also keep you relaxed to go uninhibited through the other crucial (3, 4 & 5) stages of sleep where the true restoration of your body can be done.

While you explore the available hemp extract products, keep in mind that in fact not all hemp extracts are the same and the quality between products varies greatly between different manufacturers. As the market expands and more products hit the market to take advantage of demand, it’s more important than ever that you use a trusted source for high-quality hemp extracts.

Since Updrops broad spectrum hemp extract is of the highest quality, you can expect a nice boost in energy and mood the following day from the increased Deep Sleep and REM sleep.

Wait, what does being in Deep Sleep Or REM sleep do?

Deep sleep focuses on your body. It is the most rejuvenating and restorative sleep stage, promoting muscle growth and repair as well as waste removal in your brain. In this stage, you have difficulty waking up and are disoriented or groggy if awoken.

REM sleep is essential to re-energizing your mind. REM is associated with dreaming, memory consolidation, learning, and problem solving. The time spent in this sleep stage usually decreases with age.

Without being able to spend the proper amount of time in these stages of sleep, you may have increased difficulties with: hunger pangs, feeling unfocused, more susceptible to colds, dark circles under the eyes, and many other chronic issues.

Within a short amount of time, people have reported:

This is my first experience. It helps me stay focused during the day, sleep much better and helps my joint pain.

- Kristen

This product is great. It has a lovely scent and helped with the pain in my neck and shoulders. Will buy again.

- Alayna

A few drops and I have the best sleep.

- Andrew

I’ve been having high anxiety for months. I feel much more relaxed when I take my Upness!

Thanks for giving me some relief!

- Wendy

Join them & see how the wellness benefits of CBD can help you.

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