We’re here to help you understand more about the benefits of hemp.

Reduced Anxiety

- Find calm in the chaos
- Ease your mind
- Relax your senses

Improved Sleep

- Fall asleep faster
- Stay asleep easier
- Get the rest you deserve


- Less skin inflammation
- Reduced joint discomfort
- Less pain & soreness

Better Focus

- Improved energy
- Peak performance
- Better productivity

Here’s what others have to say about their experiences with hemp:

This is my first experience. It helps me stay focused during the day, sleep much better and helps my joint pain.

- Kristen

This product is great. It has a lovely scent and helped with the pain in my neck and shoulders. Will buy again.

- Alayna

A few drops and I have the best sleep.

- Andrew

I’ve been having high anxiety for months. I feel much more relaxed when I take my Upness!
Thanks for giving me some relief!

- Wendy

Join them & see how the wellness benefits of hemp can help you.