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Can CBD Help Me Focus & Hit My Goals?

Lack of concentration crushing your goals? CBD may be able to help.

Lindsey Sirera

02 March, 2021 - 4 min read

Real talk: how are we already two months into 2021?!


While 2020 may have felt like an eternity, 2021 is zooming by at warp speed. But before another day passes by in a blur, let’s take a moment to slow down, breath, and examine who our goals are coming along thus far.


Remember way back on Jan. 1 when we set our New Year’s resolutions? Yeah, those! For some of us, sticking to our goals is second nature. For the remaining 99%, it’s a bit more complicated than that. No judgement either way.


If you haven’t gotten off on the best foot, we can help. We’ve rounded up four of the most popular resolutions… and, a few CBD products that can help you make them happen.


1. Getting in Shape


Arguably the most popular New Year's Resolutions in the history of ever is to get in shape, but post-workout soreness, body aches, and cramping muscles can prevent us from meeting our workout goals.


Luckily, studies show that CBD can help lower inflammation in the muscles. Less inflamed muscles = happier body. Happier body = stronger, better workouts.


Personally, team Upness uses Ghosted for those intense post-workout aches that keep us from making it to the gym.


2. Eating Healthier


Of course, eating right is a resolution that goes hand-in-hand with getting in shape. While CBD may not be able to make your steamed broccoli taste like hot, cheesy pizza, studies suggest that it CAN promote balance in the body.


By helping the body achieve balance, CBD may be able to help curb cravings and boost metabolism, according to preliminary studies. Our classic Updrops can help with that.


3. Making More Money


If bringing in more dough is what you’re after (and honestly, who doesn’t want that?!), you’re going to need to focus on your goals and boost your productivity. Luckily for us, research suggests that CBD may help boost energy levels and concentration, setting us up perfectly to hit this goal.


Panorama is an easy way for CBD to soak into your bloodstream, providing that focus and determination you’ll need to keep working toward your financial goals.


4. Making More Time for Yourself


Self care is a hugely important resolution. We’re all human after all, and we all need time to recharge, rest, and rest in order to be our best selves.


And really, is there any better self-care treat than a hand-crafted Bath Melt? Ohhh, this is no ordinary bath bomb. Formulated with soothing essential oils and deeply relaxing CBD, Bath Melts provide a fancy spa-level soak at home.


At Upness, we want to set you up for success for 2021. We want you to achieve your goals and feel like your best self.


So, we’re giving you 30% off Ghosted, Updrops, Panorama, and Bath Melts with code LOOKUP30 to help make it all happen. Stay focused, friends.