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How to Tell Your Grandparents About CBD

Also includes your iffy friends & weirded-out family

Lindsey Sirera

19 November, 2020 - 5 min read

Heading home for the holidays can be tricky. Few (read: none) of us enjoy a perfect picket fence family with zero stress and a cherry on top. Realistically, the holidays are a combination of celebrations and stress that can leave us feeling overwhelmed, drained, and utterly exhausted


But what if this holiday was different? Sure, you should still enjoy the celebration. But maybe you could check the stress at the door. That’s where we come inbringing CBD home with you for the holidays might just be an excellent, all-natural way to take the edge off your anxieties and enjoy the holidays for what they’re actually about; spending time with loved ones.


If you’re nervous to bring CBD home for the first time, you’re not alone. As something that’s long been associated with marijuana and THC (no judgment!), it can often be difficult for those unfamiliar with the product to differentiate it. However, CBD is very much its own, non-psychotropic thing. And we’re here to help you break that down to mom, dad, your judgy grandpa, or whoever needs to hear it.


Our advice for talking to your family about CBD is to go in with an open mind, take it slow, and follow our tips below.


Just the Facts, Ma’am


We’ve done the homework so you don’t have to. In your downtime, check out our CBD 101 E-book to get quick facts on CBD to share with your iffy friends and family. Like how CBD won’t make you high, and can potentially help with things like stress and muscle pain. Maybe throw in the fact that Queen Victoria used to take it on the reg on her doctor’s orders. Totally up to you.


However you choose to talk to your family about CBD, the main thing is to provide them with facts that they can easily digest. Anything we don’t understand can be scary, so help your loved ones out but making it easily comprehendible.


Keep It Candid


Share your own experiences with CBD to help your loved ones get where you’re coming from and why you use it. Whether you take Updrops to help with stress, use Very Savvy to help ease eczema, or just like to unwind with a Bath Melt, chances are your family and friends will have relatable issues. And it’s those relatable issues that will help them begin to see past any stigma they may have attached to CBD.


Swipe On


If taking CBD still seems scary, that’s totally okay. For many, using CBD topically can feel way more approachable. It might be a good idea to explain that CBD salves, lotions, and balms can help ease inflammation, which can in turn ease issues like muscle pain, joint aches, and red, itchy skin. By approaching CBD from a perspective of relieving inflammation and subsequently pain, it can help soften the stereotype around the all-natural compound. After all, CBD’s many benefits expand far beyond just the ones we get from ingesting it, and its topical effects are all too often undervalued.


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