"My Whole Body Felt Like a Live Wire, Stiff & Agitated from All the Stress, Ready to Explode... But When I Woke Up, I Felt a Calm I Hadn’t Felt in Years!"

The first time I heard about Updrops, I’ll admit… I had my doubts.



The CBD industry is a battleground of no-holds-barred lawlessness. There’s more snake oil than CBD oil and we as consumers looking for a way to reduce stress and anxiety for a calmer, more serene life are caught in the crossfire.



So, my first reaction to Updrops CBD oil was an eye roll.



But when I took a closer look, doubts about my doubts began to creep in.



And then I tried it.



My Co-Workers Gushed Non-Stop about Updrops for Their Stress



I work in a fast-paced environment, and it can be pretty stressful.



Many of my co-workers sit hunched over at their desks in front of a soul-draining computer screen. Others spend all day lifting boxes or heavy video equipment. Still others stress over the company’s revenue and profits.



Not long ago, before Thanksgiving, a co-worker named Tony bought Updrops Mint Vanilla CBD Oil from a company called Upness for his stress and overall body soreness. It gave him, in his words, “incredible relief”.



At Tony’s recommendation, another co-worker Jasmine tried Updrops for her stress, which had led to sore neck muscles and a headache. In her words, it all “melted away” afterward.



Then Sylvia, a co-worker who also lives next door to me, tried it and couldn’t stop raving about how it had helped her concentrate on a big project among all her other work and personal responsibilities that often steal her focus.



It was official: Updrops and its benefits were going viral.



Soon, it seemed like I was the one person in my work or social circle who not only wasn’t raving about it, but also hadn’t even tried it.



Then Thanksgiving came. I took a week off and forgot all about Updrops.



But Does Updrops Work on Insomnia?



I’m prone to tension headaches, which lead to insomnia. I’m an analyst and spend a lot of time huddled over my laptop crunching numbers and writing reports.



Also, my wife Sabrina and I bought a house not long ago, and those mortgage payments don’t help.



Because I don’t sleep well, I often stay up late working, yet I don’t maintain my focus because of the stress from everything that’s on my plate.



One day about 2 weeks ago, after another long and grueling day at work, I was in bad shape.



As I drove home, I could feel the knotted fingers of tension and stress digging into my shoulder up through the base of my neck to my temples.



By the time I got home and ate dinner, everything above my shoulders felt like a 357-pound piece of knotted oak. On a scale of 1-10, my stress and anxiety were a 30.



Sabrina wanted me to take OTC pills, but I was beyond that. Besides, I don’t like them because of the potential for kidney and liver damage.



She then suggested prescription meds, left over from an ER trip months earlier after a panic attack. But they always make me groggy the day after, and I had a busy schedule the next day and couldn’t afford to be lethargic.



Sabrina gave me a look and said, “Well… there is one solution you could try…”



My first thought was, “Hell no!”



But I was past the point of being a tough guy, so I nodded.



She ran next door to my co-worker Sylvia’s house to see if they still had any Updrops left.



Meanwhile, I trudged upstairs and crawled in bed, the spectre of an upcoming night of pain and sleeplessness haunting me.



In a few minutes, Sabrina walked into the bedroom.



“Here,” she said. “Sylvia said you could keep it because she knows you’ll love it. Plus, they have a backup bottle.”



I took it and added a dropper full of the mint-vanilla flavored CBD oil to the glass of water on my nightstand and then gulped it down.



At first, I just lay there. Waiting… anticipating… hoping for my stress to be dialed down.






After a few more minutes - I honestly don’t know how long, but maybe 10-15 minutes - just as I was beginning to think nothing was happening...



I realized I was feeling nothing:



No stress, no anxiety, no stiffness in my neck and shoulders.



It was absolutely not unpleasant.



And as I lay there thinking, “This may actually work...” thing I knew, I woke up feeling like a billion bucks.



Yes, I Felt Better. But Was It Really Due to Updrops?



The next day, all I kept thinking was my tension headache would creep back and try to ruin my day once I got to work and got back to the grind.



But it never did.



I was shocked. Usually, I can feel the effects of a tension and stress like that for a day or two - sometimes longer.



But not this time.



I was skeptical, though. I’m familiar with CBD products. I’ve tried a dozen CBD oils for stress, anxiety, and tension headache relief and nothing had ever worked well.



I felt so good, but I still had doubts:



  • Did I sleep in a good position for once?
  • Did my sleep naturally recharge and renew my body?
  • Was the several glasses of pinot noir at dinner?



Whatever the reason, I was glad to feel better.


Yet, I was still skeptical. So I did something a little crazy.



I Put Myself Through a Painful Experiment To See If Updrops Really Had Worked



A few days later - about a week ago now - it was another one of those days at work. I had a tight deadline and stayed at my desk for hours on end without getting up to walk around and get the muscles warm and the blood flowing.



By the time I got home, I had another tension headache like the week before. But, because it was a Friday and I didn’t have work the next day, I decided not to take anything.



I wanted to test whether or not it was Updrops that had helped me the previous week.



All night long, I cursed myself for my experiment. I tossed and turned every few minutes. I regretted my decision 1000 times.



When the first ribbons of morning light finally began to sneak through the blinds of our bedroom windows, I got up and walked into the bathroom to get Updrops from the medicine cabinet.



I emptied another dropper full of CBD oil into my bedside glass of water and drank it down.



I walked downstairs, noted the time, and sat on my comfortable overstuffed sofa and waited.



Here’s how it went:

After 20 minutes

My tension wasn’t gone and I still wasn’t relaxed enough to go back to sleep, but it had noticeably subsided.



Anxiety level: 5-6

After 45 minutes

The tension in my shoulders had melted, while my neck felt looser and the muscles more relaxed.



Pain level: 0

After 1 hour 15 minute

The tension in my shoulders had melted, while my neck felt looser and the muscles more relaxed.



Pain level: 0

I was convinced. I was now a believer.



Updrops had erased my tension and stress - and I could finally acknowledge it:



I was down with Updrops.



The Secret to How & Why Updrops Works



CBD is known as an “adaptogen”. This means it has the ability to adapt to the needs of your body.



In the morning, when you’re feeling slow to start the day, CBD is good at helping energize you - without making you jittery.



In the afternoon, when the stress of the day is taking its toll, it’s good to help you refocus on the task at hand.



When you’re feeling antsy and stressed…? it’s good at helping provide calm. That’s why it’s great in the evening after a long day or at night before bed.



So, I read up on Updrops and the Upness team. It took a team of tireless developers and formulators more than a year to painstakingly craft this stress-relieving, tension-melting CBD oil.



It was specially designed to absorb quickly with the following key ingredients:



  • 1000mg Broad-Spectrum CBD*: helps tension, anxiety, and insomnia
  • MCT Oil: derived from coconut for better, more efficient absorption
  • Mint Vanilla flavoring: adds a refreshing, zesty flavor.



Together, this combination can go to work fast to help ease tension, anxiety, and insomnia like you’ve never experienced.



And it’s versatile. You can:



  • Take it straight
  • Add a dropper full to your morning coffee
  • Supplement an afternoon smoothie
  • Enjoy in an evening cup of chamomile tea



Try Updrops Today



Missing out on the joy of life because of stress and anxiety is no fun. When it combines to lead to insomnia, it makes life almost unbearable.



You deserve better.



The powerful, innovative, stress-melting relief of Updrops is a natural solution designed to send tension and anxiety packing - and bring back good, restful sleep.



Why not try Updrops today and take back your life.


Ingredients: 250mg Hemp-Extract• Organic Menthol • Arnica Oil • Mango Butter • Organic Chamomile Essential Oil • No detectable THC (0.3% or less)


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