5 Majorly Surprising Uses of CBD

By Lindsey Sirera

Like the weighted blanket for our brains that it is, CBD has gained a reputation as an incredible soothing aid with the ability to help a heaping load of issues. While it's typically pegged as an aid for anxiety, sleeplessness, and mind chatter, there are studies to suggest that CBD possesses potent anti-inflammatory properties that could help address our other woes as well.

This got our wheels turning… What other uses for CBD could be out there? Could it help dry skin? Ease aches and pains? Achieve world peace? (Kidding on that last one). So we did our homework, and we’re here to share: these are the 5 most surprising uses of CBD we’ve uncovered (so far!).

Achieving the perfect at-home mani

If there’s anything quarantine has taught us, it’s that at-home beauty regimens we used to fear aren’t actually as scary as we’d thought. Point in case: at-home manicures. Whether you’re prepping for a full mani or doing routine maintenance, good nail health begins with healthy cuticles, and that’s where CBD comes in.

From pesky hangnails or bone-dry nail beds, CBD balms can help alleviate the pain of inflamed cuticles and deliver much-needed moisture. Research also suggests that CBD has antibacterial properties, which means that it can help ward off painful nail bed infections, too.

Easing Nausea & Upset Stomachs

Nausea is about as fun as spending the day at the DMV. The next time queasiness strikes, try a dab of CBD oil to soothe your stomach. A 2011 study found that CBD is an effective antiemetic, i.e. nausea aid, as the compound was suggested to indirectly activate a serotonin receptor that represses the urge to vomit.

Toothaches & Gum Pain

If you’ve ever experienced tooth pain, then you know real pain. There’s nothing like an inflamed tooth or sensitive gums to send you down a painful spiral, one that often leaves you miserable and out of commission. But with CBD oils or salves, your suffering doesn’t have to endure. The digital gold mine that is Reddit is all over this, with dozens of folks recommending CBD on gums and sore teeth to help ease their discomfort. The folks over at Ask the Dentist cite CBD as a pain reliever for chronic dental pain, teeth sensitivity to temperature, gum disease and receding gum lines.

Relieving Heel & Instep Pain

Heel pain is no joke. Be it from your favorite stilettos or a worn-out pair of sneakers, heel, arch and foot aches can affect everything from your mobility to your mood. So when soreness strikes, kick it quickly (pun intended) with a CBD salve. Podiatry research suggests that hemp-extract CBD oil can lessen the inflammation of the feet, which (fun fact) contain 25 percent of all the bones in our bodies. For best results, try massaging directly into the foot or instep.

Post-Workout Woes

Regret taking that hot new pilates class your friend’s have been raving about? Your post-workout soreness doesn’t have to ruin your day. An excellent aid to help relieve tense, sore or aching muscles, CBD creams and salves can directly target the muscle to offer relief. As studies suggest that CBD can significantly help reduce inflammation, CBD creams can help to further reduce future flare ups and soreness.

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