5 Game-Changing Self-Care Essential Oils

By Lindsey Sirera

Geranium Essential Oil

With a perfectly crisp scent like fresh-baked macarons on a silver platter, Geraniums are known for their pretty white, pink, and reddish blooms. What you might not know is that the fragrant oil from this plant is packed with healing properties. Studies suggest that Geranium Essential Oil promotes a deep sense of relaxation in the body that can alleviate stress, anxiety, and feelings of depression. It's even been given to women in the first stages of labor to inhale as it is thought to induce feelings of calm.

Further studies suggest that it can help alleviate symptoms of menopause, and its anti-inflammatory properties are being examined as possible aids for neuroinflammation, skin irritation, acne, and PMS.

Pro Tip: Hasten the effects of this powerhouse oil by allowing it to absorb directly into the wrists, which will ensure it enters the bloodstream quickly. We’d recommend our Panorama Essential Oil roll on for the job—it smells like heaven, and works like a charm!

Vetiver Essential Oil

A cousin to our tried and true friends lemongrass and citronella, Vetiver is a fragrant grass that hails from India. While you might recognize the name from fancy candles you’ve smelled at even fancier boutiques, this is no doubt an approachable oil that deserves a spot in your medicine cabinet. Plus, it’s got the forestry, masculine aroma of a fine French cologne James Bond might spritz on before single handedly taking down a global terror organization.

In all seriousness, a 2016 study pointed to the conclusion that Vetiver can lift the cloud of brain fog for sharpened awareness and mental acuity. In this regard, it’s also being studied as a natural aid for ADHD. And if you or a partner suffer from snoring woes, then prepare to break out into your happy dance, because studies are suggesting that it improves breathing while asleep.

Pro Tip: Dab Vetiver essential oil under the nose before bedtime to ward off the snores and clear the mind for better sleep and sweeter dreams.

Black Pepper Essential Oil

No longer just your dad’s favorite seasoning, black pepper is now being processed directly into essential oil form. So much more than just an entree topper, black pepper essential oil packs the spicy kick you love along with majorly anti-inflammatory powers that help heal a barrage of issues. This means that when black pepper essential oil is massaged into tense, achy joints and muscles, it can offer oh-so-satisfying lasting soreness relief.

Pro tip: Treat yourself to a little self-care by scheduling a massage and showing up with this oil in tow. When massaged in thoroughly to the muscles by a masseuse, it will work deep tissue wonders.

Rose Essential Oil

Okay, chances are this one you’ve probably (read: definitely) heard of, but hear us out. While many of us love our rose water sprays or rose-scented candles, the oil is an even more potent way to amplify the feel-good effects of your favorite thorny plant’s flower. In essential oil form, rose is believed to be an endorphin boosting machine.

 A 2015 study in particular cited it as significantly decreasing pain levels, and that’s not all. Further studies pinpoint this classically femme scent as a major pain aid for PMS. It’s been suggested that applying rose essential oils directly to the skin can send stress-feeding factors like blood pressure and cortisol levels sinking.

Pro Tip: For PMS pains, try massaging rose essential oil directly on the abdomen to fight pesky cramps. To ease anxiety (and even feelings of depression), rub into the wrist to allow the oil quick access to your bloodstream and ergo more immediate feelings of relief.

Chamomile Essential Oil

We’d wager most of your experiences with Chamomile have been in the form of calming tea--utterly delicious and, indeed, an excellent way to chill out. So when Chamomile comes to us in the form of a concentrated essential oil, you can only imagine the seriously soothing effects it possesses.

With substantial research to lend it street cred, Chamomile has been scientifically suggested as an aid for everything from indigestion to ulcers. Not only is it a mood-lifter that can help fight anxiety, it can also alleviate the sullen feelings associated with depression. Then, there’s its skin-treating superpowers. Studies have found that Chamomile essential oil is an excellent pain reliever of topical ailments, and that it can soothe pesky redness and irritation.

Pro Tip: Spritz a little essential oil onto the skin to fight wintertime redness or to alleviate painful dryness.

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