Ask Upness: How Our Team Does Self Care

By Lindsey Sirera

Look left. Look right. Chances are, you saw the term “self-care” written on an Instagram post, internet ad, billboard, and/or something else along those lines. And even if you didn’t, you probably get the picture—self-care is an abundantly discussed and rampantly marketed concept in the world right now, what with 2020 shaping up to be one of the most absurdly baffling years in living memory. No one could blame anyone for wanting to turn off the news, turn up the Love Island, and binge on a feast of Oreos and red wine in your teal fuzzy slippers.

All kidding aside, self-care is no longer a seemingly indulgent practice reserved for the weekend. It can be an occurrence as frequent as you’d like it, however it best suits you. When it comes to self-care, the sky can in fact be the limit. And to help get you started, our team is sharing our favorite self-care tips, tricks and rituals.

Abby M., Brand Director

When I feel myself getting stressed, I look to a few of my favorite things: coffee, drawing, yoga, plants, my pets, and CBD! I try to spend time everyday outside in nature with my dog, Rhino and plan a camping trip every couple of months to disconnect, draw in nature and appreciate what I have.

Leo B,. Creative Director

Two things: listening to music and playing bass.

Lindsey S., Social Media Manager

The very core of my self-care routine begins and ends with one thing: Thai food, and lots of it.

Apart from that, there’s no greater joy for me than a sweaty yoga session followed by a steamy bath. I plop a Lavender Bath Melt in the tub with some Epsom salts, light some Trader Joe’s candles, and let my worries (and my soreness) soak away. When I’m feeling extra fancy, I top it off with a hair mask or a face mask, and paint a fresh coat of polish on my toes. Because there’s nothing quite like radiant skin and pastel-colored toes to make me feel like the shiniest version of myself.

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