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5 Benefits of Spending the Holidays By Yourself

The holidays done your way.

Lindsey Sirera

23 November, 2020 - 4 min read

There is no one right way to celebrate the holidays. Despite the many societal pressures to decorate, attend parties, shop for literally everyone you’ve ever met, and take on a million other tasks while sacrificing sleep and sanity, you don’t have to actually do any of that. None of it!


While there are many holiday traditions that we may hold dear, there’s nothing wrong with creating new ones. And for many of us, that may include spending the holidays by ourselves.


There are a million reasons why you might not be able to make it home for the holidays—finances, pandemic worries, stress, your job, the fact that you simply don’t want to, etc. And all of these are perfectly A-okay.


If you’re spending the holidays by yourself this year, that’s awesome! These are five reasons why your decision is completely valid, healthy, and wonderful.


Putting Yourself First


This is something that cannot be undervalued or over appreciated. Putting yourself first doesn’t mean being selfish, it means taking care of your needs. Be kind to yourself. Relax. Do something solely for the purpose of bringing yourself joy. While sleep recharges the body, acts of self-care recharge the soul. Use your solo holiday time to nourish your spirit and sense of well being.


Making Your Own Traditions


Does ordering takeout and binge-watching old episodes of One Tree Hill speak to you? Maybe baking a loaf of sourdough bread while dancing in your kitchen to ABBA? How about volunteering with animals? Whatever it is that you’ve been wanting to do during the holidays for years, make a new tradition of it now.


Watching Whatever the Heck You Want


Sick of binging the same old holiday movies with the fam? Not this year! When you spend the holidays solo, YOU are in the remote control driver’s seat. Whether you’re looking to swoon over Vanessa Hudgens’ latest Netflix Christmas movie or rewatch Tiger King, the streaming world is your oyster.


Working on Your Relationship with Y-O-U


This is seemingly simple, yet incredibly difficult to master. Take time free from distraction to hang out with yourself. Put on your introspective lenses and examine where you are in life and how that aligns with your goals and values. Then, examine what it is you’ve accomplished this year and what it is you’d like to tackle next. By taking time to consciously work on yourself, you can set yourself up with a solid roadmap for self-success.


Focusing on Self-Care


We touched on it before, and we’ll say it again: spend some time on self-care! Take a bath (CBD Bath Melts, anyone?), exercise, read a book, paint your toenails (this can help the nail beds!), or do anything that brings you joy.


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